international scientific conference on The role of financial inclusion in providing funding opportunities for emerging institutions in order to achieve sustainable development

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Event Date from2022-10-29 to 2022-10-31
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Organizing Society Ahmed Draya University
Contact Person For Event Doctor  Mersali Horiya
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Deadline for abstracts/proposals 2022-06-10
Location Adrar, Algeria

international scientific conference on  The role of financial inclusion in providing funding opportunities for emerging institutions in order to achieve sustainable development

 29/30/31 October  2022

The body that oversees  the scientific conference

Professeur Ben Omar Mohammed Al-Amin

the director of the university


Honorary  president

Professeur Mediani Mohammed

Dean of the Faculty


General supervisor

Professeur Ayad LielaPresident  of the Conference
Doctor  Mersali HoriyaGeneral Coordinator
Doctor  Ouadi AzddineVice-president of the Conference
Doctor  Massoudi AbdelkrimPresident of the Scientific Committee
Doctor  Khelassi AbdelillahPresident of the Organizing Committee

Doctor  Djelil Zinelaabidine

President of the Editorial and Reading of the recommendations

The role of financial inclusion in providing funding opportunities for emerging institutions in order to achieve sustainable development

Conference Preamble

Recent years have witnessed persistent efforts by many countries to promote financial inclusion, especially after the 2008 global financial crisis hit many economies hard, significantly changed the world’s economic and financial landscape, and became a critical turning point in the field of financial and banking services. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the G20 have adopted the financial inclusion as a basic pillar in the economic and financial development agenda because of its impact on social life, as it cares for low-income individuals and enables small and medium enterprises to access financial services, and hence helps to achieve social justice, reduce unemployment and poverty rates, and achieve sustainable development goals.

The use of financial inclusion is enhanced by both individuals and institutions through financial innovation, which is one of the many old / new terms that reflect the use of modern methods; most financial institutions design new financial products and services in order to achieve a competitive advantage and satisfy customer needs. In light of these financial innovations, the financial inclusion of individuals and institutions, especially emerging ones, will be enhanced; in fact, the Algerian government is focusing its attention towards helping emerging institutions by enacting laws that regulate them and encouraging individuals to establish them, and this leads us to discuss how can institutions reach financial services and what might be done by emerging companies that need to achieve greater financial inclusion.

In light of the foregoing, this international conference aims to search for various financial innovations which allow for the enhancement of financial inclusion that is one of the basic mechanisms for providing funding opportunities for emerging institutions and achieving sustainable development.

Conference Objectives:

  • Introducing startups, financial technology, and financial innovation;
  • Highlighting the role that financial innovation plays in promoting financial inclusion and achieving sustainable development goals;
  • Establishing a framework for Islamic financial innovations and their role in promoting financial inclusion;
  • Focusing on financial technology as a new alternative to support sustainable financial inclusion;
  • Presenting pioneering international experiences that can be beneficial for proposing an innovative strategy for financial inclusion that allows for the creation of an equal investment environment;
  • Looking for new ways and strategies that emerging institutions can rely on in order to diversify funding sources and thus achieve sustainable development;
  • Developing a long-term strategic vision that could be beneficial in the future by evaluating boom and bust patterns in the adoption of financial innovations in many countries.

Conference Axes:

-The First Axis: A theoretical and conceptual framework for understanding financial inclusion, financial technology, financial innovation and emerging institutions;

-The Second Axis: The reality of financing and accompanying emerging institutions between the legal systems and the investment environment.

-The Third Axis: Fintech startups and sustainable development;

-The Fourth Axis: The role of financial inclusion in achieving stability and mitigating the impact of economic crises.

-The Fifth Axis: Islamic financial engineering-related innovations and their role in supporting and accompanying emerging institutions.

-The Sixth Axis: Challenges and prospects of implementing financial inclusion strategies;

-The Seventh Axis: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on accelerating the adoption of financial inclusion strategies;

-The Eighth Axis: Presentation of pioneering international experiences.

Note: Submissions related to the conference theme are welcome.

Conditions of Participation and Publication:

– All papers must be written in accordance with generally accepted scientific methodology.

– All submitted papers must be original, not published elsewhere nor previously presented at research project meetings.

– All submissions must include two abstracts, one in the language used and one in a different language; papers must be no less than 12 pages and no more than 20 pages, including references and appendices.

– Only single-authored and dual-authored papers will be accepted.

– Publication: Accepted papers will be published in special issues of the following “C” class journals: ‘Journal of Economic Integration’ and ‘Journal of Economics and Management’, upon condition that authors must adhere to templates, guidelines and editorial instructions.

Important dates to remember:

– Deadline for submission of articles: june 10,2022

– Deadline for responding to accepted aarticles: june 30,2022

– Date of the conference: 29/30/31 October 2022

Scientific interventions are sent to the following e-mail:

Ministry of Higher Education

 and Scientific Research

Ahmed Draya University – Adrar – Algeria

Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management

In collaboration with the PRFU research team

 Promote financial inclusion as a support mechanism for the development of start-ups To achieve sustainable development

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