Euro-Global Summit on Probiotics

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Event Date from2020-08-03 to 2020-08-04
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Location Zurich, Switzerland

Euro-Global Summit on Probiotics

Conference series is glad to welcome all the interested participants to its Euro-Global Summit on Probiotics (Probiotics 2020). The conference will be organized around the theme Frontiers and Emerging Trends in “Smart Probiotics & Nutraceuticals”.

Probiotics 2020 welcomes participants, visitors, delegates and exhibitors from all over the world to the extravagant city of Zurich, Switzerland. The conference is focusing on a wide array of topics including probiotics, nutraceuticals, nutrition related concepts were discussed on single platform. Probiotics 2020 goal is to promulgate and exchange knowledge in Probiotics, Nutraceuticals and Functional Food importance in the life.

“Euro-Global Summit on Probiotics” is a perfect platform to gain knowledge about  nutrition and to witness valuable scientific talks about advanced research and innovations which includes keynote presentations, Plenary sessions, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Workshops, Video presentations, ePosters, Exhibitions and additional special sessions.

Target Audience:

•       Food Students, Scientists and Professors
•       Nutritionist
•       Doctors
•       Dietitians
•       Nurses/ Midwives
•       Students
•       Nutrition & Food industries
•       Researchers
•       Women’s health Care Researcher
•       Healthcare specialist
•       Medical Colleges
•       Healthcare Associations and Societies
•       Business Entrepreneurs
•       Training Institutes
•       Software developing companies


On behalf of Organizing Committee, we invite all the participants from all over the globe to attend “Probiotics 2020” conference designate as “Probiotics 2020” scheduled during August 03-04, 2020 Zurich, Switzerland

The nutrition supplemented with the beneficial microbial flora and the associated microbiome in human gut, restoring the human digestive system as a whole is said to be the “Probiotics”. Probiotics are contained with a range of food and nutrition products such as dietary supplements, medicinal foods, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices delivering probiotics. Prebiotics foods are taken as dietary ingredients to maintain the Biological Symbiosis with the microbial flora. Dietary supplements created through the synergism of Pro and Pre-biotic are the Synbiotics.

Probiotics 2019 is an unprecedented event planned for specialists to empower the spread and use of research revelations on Probiotics & Prebiotics, Food science, Nutrition and Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Skin Microbiota, Gut Microbiome, Digestive Health, Industrial Production and Dairy Technology, Human Microbiome, Diet and Health, Obesity and Weight Management, Molecular Genetics, Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Pediatrics, Emerging Companies in probiotics and Probiotics Entrepreneurship. The main theme of the conference is “Probiotics for Healthy Gut Nutrition”. We are putting endeavours towards a healthier world moving forward to find the possible ways in replenishing the microbial flora towards a healthier life.

This meeting includes current research, advancement and discovery of probiotics, prebiotics, food innovation and nutritional science. The conference is intended to energize the trading of thoughts over a wide scope of disciplines from the scientific areas of food science and technology, microbiology and genetics, and preventive cure using nutritional therapy. Let’s join hands with us and the most grounded scientific community, industrialists and young researchers in making an inventive world free from diseases.

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