3rd Edition of International Conference on Material Technology and Manufacturing Innovations

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3rd Edition of International Conference on Material Technology and Manufacturing Innovations

Theme: Fuelling the Core of Innovations in Material Sciences


Materials-Manufacturing 2020 is one among the worlds largest Materials Science Conferences aims at sharing new advances and new concepts among the industrialists, experts, and graduate students from the scientific arena of Materials Science, Metals and Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, to share their current developments and applications in different fields and enjoy intuitive talks and specialized sessions at the occasion.

Euroscicon Ltd invites all the participants from all over the world to attend ‘3rd Edition of International conference on Materials Technology and Manufacturing Innovations’ during August 24-25,2020 in Athens, Greece which comprises of Plenary Talks, Keynote presentations, Oral Talks, Poster Presentations and Exhibitions.

The theme of the conference “Fuelling the core of innovations in Material Sciences” is designed in such a way to explore the latest technologies and Innovations in the turf of Materials Science, Metallurgy and Manufacturing Engineering. The target of Materials-Manufacturing 2020 is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing efforts.

Materials and Manufacturing deals with the multidisciplinary turfs which begin with design, production, and development from raw materials into required specific applications. Materials technology is a constantly developing discipline, and the latest materials with interesting properties lead to new applications.

The Materials-Manufacturing 2020 serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas around the impact of market dynamics and new technologies for current and future manufacturing, operations, and supply chain leaders.

Whether it is automation, robotics, software, Product Design, 3D printing, wearable’s, safety, lean, supply chain, and material handling or augmented/virtual reality the Materials-Manufacturing 2020 is a perfect platform to explore the latest ideas and technologies.

Materials Science Conferences Highlights:

Materials Science and Engineering


Ceramics, Composite materials and Glass

Magnetic Materials

Metallurgy and Mining

Manufacturing Innovations

Materials industries

Materials Science Expo

Superconductors and Thermoelectric Materials

Energy Materials and Devices

Electronic, Optical and Photonic Materials

Nanotechnology in Materials Science

Materials Chemistry and Materials Physics

Corrosion and Corrosion protection

Polymer Technology and Surface Engineering

Fiber Materials and Textile fabrics

Materials Theory, Computation, and Design

Graphene and Semiconductors

Welding Engineering

Reuse and Recycling of materials

Emerging Trends in Materials Science


Materials Technology and Manufacturing Innovations play a vital role in our lives because of its uniqueness in properties and extended application in various industries. The development of Materials Technology will be the key policymakers and bring a new wave as the radical innovations in many application areas.

These are the origin of current technology. Materials research is the heart of many technological developments that touch our lives and find applications such as magnetic materials, electronic materials for communication and information technology, biomaterials for tissue engineering, sensors for the intelligent environment, energy materials for renewable energy and environment, light alloys for better transportation, materials for strategic applications and more.

The European countries form the largest market for the materials technology owing to large application use of materials in various industries. Electrical and electronics, metallurgical and chemical products are the major application segments in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific markets.

Europe has a significant market share in nanomaterial’s market. Reduction in price of materials due to the increase in mass production has lead to robust growth of materials-technology in these regions.

The Asia Pacific is also expected to witness remarkable growth in the expected period. Increasing government support and funds, rising environmental awareness, and rising demand for specialty materials is expected to boost up the growth of materials and manufacturing market in the foreseeable period.

Manufacturing Innovation is a modern trend in manufacturing engineering and deals with multiple manufacturing practices, research, design, development, processes, machines, tools, and equipment.

Manufacturing is a process to turn raw materials into an updated or new product in the best economic, efficient effective productive way.

It involves understanding how products and machinery work/ how to design/ make or usage of it. Applying the latest materials and manufacturing technologies, there is a robust change from basic steam engines to high-performance automobiles, air-conditioned environments, and jet aircraft in society for better use.



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