2nd International Conference on Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics

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Event Date from2020-03-28 to 2020-03-29
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Location Singapore, Singapore

2nd International Conference on Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics

About Metabolomics Congress 2020

Conference Series LLC LTD proudly invites participants from all over the world to attend the “2nd International Conference on Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics” scheduled to be held in Singapore during March 28-29, 2020. The theme of the conference is “New Strategies & Emerging Trends in Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics research” which will ignite young minds and researchers in searching for a novel approach towards the marvels of a sustainable future.

Metabolomics congress 2020 is a world-class conference that consists of discussion and workshops, symposiums, B2B meetings, keynote speeches, young research forums, poster presentations, e-Poster introductions and a panel session on the most recent advancements and patterns in the field of Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics.

Metabolomics congress 2020 goals to unite a great number of participants which include Professors, PhD Scholars, Students, Metabolomics & Proteomics researchers, Biochemist, Genetics Associations, Pharmaceutical Industrial Giants, Genomic Expert Bioinformatics Professionals and Business delegates from all over the world with the related topics to deliver a speech and share the current research ideas, strategies and connect us in Singapore.

It deals with the importance of Biochemistry and includes a detailed understanding of Metabolomics, Genomics, Proteomics, Clinical Metabolomics, plant and environmental metabolomics, Metabolomics Approaches, next-generation sequencing, Pharmacogenomics, Cancer genomics, Mass Spectrometry in Proteome Research, Proteomics from Discovery to Function, Protein Expression and Analysis, and Many more.

Why Attend Metabolomics Congress 2020?

Honorable scientific talks by the global scientific community
Sterling workshop sessions
Poster – paper presentations and world-class exhibitions
Opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the topic
Meet Academics and Industrial professionals to get inspired
Great credits for the work in progress
Valuable talks and symposiums from renowned speakers
Meaningful sessions and accomplishments
Exquisite Platform for showcasing your products and International Sponsorship
Awards and Global Recognition to meritorious Researchers
Global Networking opportunities with 50+ Countries
Metabolomics Congress 2020 encounter the target market with members from across the globe, committed to learn about Proteomics and Bioinformatics which provides an opportunity to interact with eminent Scientists, researchers, Business Leaders, experts from all over the world. Conduct presentations, distribute and update knowledge about Metabolomics, Proteomics and Genomics, Mass spectrometry, Plant and Environmental Metabolomics, next generation sequencing, Cancer genomics are the principal features of this conference.

Target Audience

Scientists and Researchers organizers
Directors of  Biochemistry department
Hospitals and Healthcare professionals
Metabolomics Research and Development (R&D) Companies
Metabolomics Instrumentation Technology Product Manufacturers
Metabolomics Industry Consulting Firms
Genomics Researchers
Proteomics and Genomics Scientists
Pharmaceutical companies
Genetics Associations and Societies
Academic researchers
Business delegates
Young Researchers
Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives
Medical & Pharmaceutical Companies
Biomedical Research organizations, societies and associations
Software developing companies
Data Management Companies


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