International conference Pragmatics and foreign languages: from theory to practice

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Event Date from2020-04-14 to 2020-04-15
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Location Annaba, Algeria

International conference Pragmatics and foreign languages: from theory to practice

Annaba: April 14-15, 2020

There is no doubt that today pragmatics, often overlooked in the teaching of foreign languages ​​becomes inevitable. The pragmatist is interested in linguistic facts in their relationships with their real contexts of existence and explains the processes essential to language practices for carrying out communication and arrive at a correct and complete understanding between the interactants.

At this ability to understand the correct meaning of the statement produced by another speaker, the linguists attribute the term “pragmatic competence”. The latter is one of the aspects main in learning a foreign language. However, the acquisition of this competence becomes a tough task in situations of intercultural communication.

Indeed, in such situations, where learners come from different cultures; therefore having their own system of values, these systematically refer to their own standards of use and culture, leading to many misunderstandings. The pragmatics, in particular intercultural pragmatics, have extended their field by taking into account cultural phenomena which are only mental representations specific to specific cultural software. This recent approach which is interested in situations of interaction between natives and non-natives of a certain language-culture, at the communication in lingua franca and multilingual discourse represents a dimension fundamental of the communicative process.


This international conference is intended as a place to reflect on the contribution of pragmatics in teaching and learning foreign languages, with proposals intervention on the following axes:

1. Pragmatic and interculturality

2. Language acts and cultural variations

3. Linguistic politeness and intercultural communication

4. Conversational routines

5. Address forms in verbal interactions

6. The deixis

7. Analysis of discourse and cultural diversity.

8. Translation and teaching of languages and cultures.

9. Phraseology and didactics of language-cultures.

Honorary President: Professor Manaa Mohamed (Rector of Badji Mokhtar University Annaba).

Conference leader: Dr. Amina Hachouf


January 30, 2020: Mailing to the Abstract Colloquium (max. 10 lines / 300 words), CV and participation form.

February 20, 2020: Selection of communications.

Languages of the conference: Italian, French, English.


-Ticketing is the responsibility of the participants.

Participation fee:

Foreign speakers 80 €

Speakers Teachers 10,000.00 DA

Doctoral students 3.000.00 DA


-The payment of the costs of participation of foreign speakers will be made on the day of their arrival at the hotel at the conference secretariat (they will be issued a receipt of payment).

– The other speakers will be able to pay these fees on the first day of the conference (April 14 2020).



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