The 4th International Conference The Muslim Family in Western Societies: Opportunities and Challenges

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Location Uppsala, Sweden

The 4th International Conference The Muslim Family in Western Societies: Opportunities and Challenges

April 10-11 in Uppsala/ Sweden


–          To empower Muslim families in the West with positive integration in their cultural and social environment, through their interaction and openness to others while preserving their religious and moral identities.

–          To monitor the reality of Muslim families in the Western and the problems they face, and identify different ways to deal with them.

–          To demonstrate the importance of “The Family” in the preservation of religious and cultural identities, and show its central role in the upbringing of a good individual whose Islamic values show tolerance while interacting with his surroundings.

–          To emphasize that the integration of Muslims requires the preservation of their identity while dealing challenges such as self-contraction or the abandonment of the cultural and religious identity

Conference Topics:

–          Topic 1: The Concept of the Family between Islamic Perception and Western Regimes: Points of Agreement and Differences

–          Topic 2: The Muslim Family in the Western Context: Impact and Function

–          Topic 3: The Most Important Contemporary Issues of the Muslim Family in Western Societies

–          Topic 4: The Role of Islamic Institutions in the West in Maintaining the Family

–          Topic 5: The Challenges Facing the Muslim Family in Western Societies.

Types of Participations:

–          Presenting a paper

–          Sharing a successful experience

–          A Poster presentation

Paper Submission:

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract with a minimum length of five A4 pages. Submissions should be original and previously unpublished research in the topics of the conference.

–          The participant is required to send a brief resume.

–          Only papers with one or two authors will be considered.

–          During the submission process, authors must specify the conference topics,

Registration Fees:

– 300 Euros for the authors The registration fee provides full participation in the conference including conference materials, lunch, cofee breaks, the certificate of participation (individual certificate), the publication of the paper in the conference proceedings with a standard international number ISBN. Selected papers will be published in the Journal “SENAD For Education and Family Research” ( ISSN 2633-206X)

-150 Euros for each companion for attending the conference, lunch and coffee breaks

Research papers are sent to the following e-mail address:

Important Notes:

-Participants will be provided with preferential offers from selected hotels.

– In order to facilitate the visa process, an official invitation letter will be sent to the participants once their papers are accepted and their registration fees are paid.

The conference doesn’t cover accommodation or tickets.

Important Dates:

Announcement of the conference: November 20, 2019

Deadline for receiving extended abstracts: January 15, 2020

Notification: January 30, 2020

Submission of the full paper after the conference: May 12, 2020

Deadline for Poster submission: January 25, 2020

Conference Languages:

Arabic, English, Swedish and French.


The International Center for Educational and Family Strategies announces the organization of an international event:

In partnership with:

Internationella Föreningen för Värdering av Kunskap och Kultur

And in cooperation with:

The International University of Novi Pazar, Serbia


Faculty of Islamic Studies, Novi Pazar, Serbia


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