2nd Global Congress on Material Science & Engineering

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Event Date from2020-07-06 to 2020-07-08
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Location rome, Italy

2nd Global Congress on Material Science & Engineering

Theme: Exploring the Technological Advances in the field of Material Science and Engineering

WELCOME TO Medwide conferences

We are delighted to welcome our international and national presenters, delegates from Materials Science research groups across the world to the forth upcoming ”2nd Global Congress on Material Science & Engineering”. which will be scheduled during July 06 to 08, 2020 in Rome Italy.

Material Science-2020 includes exhibition of products, high-standard lectures and keynote lectures given by outstanding scholars invited from academia and industry in the field of material science.

Materials Science is an emerging and challenging field to study and acquire the knowledge of materials which are composite to be understood. Materials science has provoked and contributed to the emergence of various nanomaterials, biomaterials, electronic, optical, magnetic materials, piezoelectric materials, ceramics, glasses, polymers, metal alloys, smart materials, semiconductor materials and design of complicated structures through the innovation of technology by the advancements in the study of materials science.

The research in the field of materials science has an exponential growth throughout the globe and the potential of its manifestation has been observed by Med wide conferences on materials science by providing platforms where the latest trends in such researches are accelerated by gathering world renowned scientists under one roof. Materials Science conferences all over the world have been organized with the charismatic enthusiasm and the outcome of such scientific event has put forward the novelties and in the engineering sciences and influenced various universities for the adaption of various specialized courses that motivated students, faculty and other academicians to organize academic conferences.

Come and Join with us! View the substantial minds talk their cut-through researches at the Medwide conferences. Well organized scientific program.

• Renowned speakers and scientists across the globe.
• Poster presentations and world class exhibits.
• Panel discussions and interactive sessions.
• B2B meetings.
• Perfect platform for Global Networking.

Scientific Sessions

Structural Materials &Functional Materials
High temperature materials
Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials
Computational Materials Science
Bio Materials and Medical Devices
Metals, Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds
Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
Environmental and Green Materials
Shape Memory Alloys & Shape Memory Polymers
Materials for Electronics and Photonics
Microstructure & Property Relationships
Materials Theory, Computation, and Design
Materials Synthesis and Processing
Ceramics and Composite, Engineering Materials
Advances in Materials Science, Metals and Minerals
Advanced Bio-Materials, Bio-devices & Tissue Engineering
Advanced Energy Materials & Energy Harvesting Materials
Surface Science and Engineering
Manufacturing &Materials Process Engineering
Polymer Bio materials
Advanced Energy Materials and Research
Carbon Nanostructures, Graphene and 2D Material
Nano-materials Characterization and Nanotechnology
Physics and Chemistry of Materials
Emerging Smart Materials, Meta Materials and Smart Coatings
Instrumentation Techniques in Materials Science

Contact Info

Conference Inquiries : info@medwideconferences.com
Exhibitor Queries : contactus@medwideconferences.com
Contact Address :1-8-617/2,31/Prakashnager, Hyderabad
Phone : +919853854854, + 9173307574448


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