3rd Annual Congress on Emergency Medicine and Acute Care

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Event Date from2020-03-26 to 2020-03-27
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Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

3rd Annual Congress on Emergency Medicine and Acute Care

Theme: Enhancing emergency preparedness through improved exercises and training

About Conference 

Conference Series LLC ltd invites you to attend the “3rd Annual Congress on Emergency Medicine & Acute Care” during March 26-27, 2020 at Abu Dhabi, UAE focusing on the theme “The opportunity to be alive: Enhancing emergency preparedness through improved exercises and training”. We invite all the participants who have an interest in sharing their data and analysis within the space of medicine & acute care.

Emergency medicine is presently the prime focus of analysis in the meditative analysis. Emergency medicine the medical specialty treatment for undifferentiated, unscheduled patients with injuries or illnesses requiring immediate medical attention in the acute phase.


Emergency medicine is a field of practice based on the knowledge and skills to diagnose disease and injury affecting patients of all age groups in an acute phase. In most of the trending emergency departments is a large number of patients are treated by emergency physicians and decide according to their conditions either admitting them to the hospital or releasing them after treatment as necessary. This encloses a wide scope with no boundaries of organ, system or disease pattern. Emergency medicine shares with family medicine the uniqueness of seeing all patients nevertheless of age, gender or any specifications.

The main goal of ACEMAC 2020 is to share knowledge and getting ideas from expertise that can help us to provide a healthy life for everyone and to fight with emergency situations.

Global Business & Research Value: Emergency Medicine initiatives target the health of people and populations in emerging and dynamic environments globally. Emergency medicine is a flourish subspecialty worldwide. Emergency medicine supports two basic fields: clinical research and health services research. So many countries are already awake to the specialty of emergency medicine and supply special coaching programs to introduce a cadre of physicians with the data and skills to worry for patients with emerging medical issues.

Why to Attend?

ACEMAC 2020 will help to gather knowledge about accidental injuries, cardiology, neurological emergency, acute respiratory failure, acute pain management, critical care, injury prevention, surgical emergency, acute infection, ECG patterns, pediatric emergency, medical chemistry, patient safety, toxicology, Critical patients, Firearm Wounds, Traumatic injuries, emergency medicinal technologies etc. which increases the general criteria and scientific excellence. The Emergency Medicine is a first contact point care for patients. It is a field of practice which requires knowledge and skills for immediate recognition, prevention, diagnosis and management in the acute phase to save more lives effectively.

Target Audience:

Trauma physicians
Directors of societies and associations
Pediatric doctors
Medical students
Medical devices manufacturing companies



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