The First International Conference On The Algerian Cultural Centers .. The Foundation And The Roles

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Event Date from2020-03-04 to 2020-03-05
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Location Adrar, Algeria

The University of Adrar Ahmed Draya
The Faculty of Human, Social and Islamic Sciences Organizes The First International Conference on The Algerian Cultural Centers, the Foundation and the Roles
on March 04th and 05th, 2020


Throughout its history, Algeria constituted a very important civilizational, cultural and political center of gravity in North Africa. Thanks to its geographical location, it could establish strong civilizational tights with its Maghreb, African and Mediterranean surrounding. The role of the Algerian capitals shone throughout the territory which bore the responsibility of building a distinct civilization resulting from the melting of human elements and the interference of different civilizations’ influences.

The First international Conference on: “The Algerian Capitals, the Foundation and the Role” aims at giving researchers the opportunity to enrich the topic and finding answers to the following questions:

-How the Algerian capitals had been founded? What was their social, cultural and urban characteristics ?
– To what extent it contributed to the human civilization?

The Objectives of the Conference:

– Defining the Algerian Cultural Centers.
– Revealing the characteristics of the Algerian Cultural Centers and their influences
– Enhancing confidence in the Algerian heritage and encouraging its exploration
– Illustrating the roles of the Algerian Cultural Centers in serving humanity
– Using the historical heritage in strengthening the national unity.

The Axes of the conference:

First Axis: Defining the Algerian Cultural Centers (Conceptual context)
Second Axis: Algerian Cultural Centers: foundation and evolution
Third Axis: scientific genius in the Algerian Cultural Centers and its effect on human knowledge
Fourth Axis: Algerian Cultural Centers and social patterns (tribe, woman, traditions, tolerance values,
Fifth Axis: Algerian Cultural Centers: urbanization and architecture
Sixth Axis: Algerian Cultural Centers: The crisis of authority and conflicts

Information related to participation:

– The work should be original and has not been published or presented at a conference before
– The paper should be written in Word, Font: Sakkal Majalla, Size: 14 for the text and 12 for the references, Papers in French and English: Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12 for the text and 10 for the references Referencing Style: APA According to the form attached
– The number of pages should be between 15 and 20
– The paper should have two abstracts summarizing its content, the first in the language of the paper and the second translated into Arabic
– Only individual contributions are accepted.
– All papers will be double-blind peer reviewed and the decision of the reviewers will not be contested
– Accommodation and food are covered by the organizing committee during the two days of the conference

The Conference Committee:

The Honorific Director: Professor Adjerfour Noureddin, the Rector of the University of Adrar
The Director of the Conference: ProfessorAl-Hamdi Ahmed, the Dean of the Faculty
The President of the Scientific Committee: Dr. Baothman Abderrahmane
The President of the Organizing Committee: Dr. Boussaid Ahmed

The Scientific Committee:

Pr Ben Naïma Abdelmajid, Univ. Oran Pr Dabbagh Ahmed, Univ. Adrar
Pr Djarradi Mohammed, Univ. Adrar
Pr Boubaya Abdelkader, Univ. Oran 01
Pr Ben Maamer Mohammed, Univ . Pr Raggadi Ahmed, Univ. Adrar
Oran 01

Pr Moulay Mhammed, Univ. Adrar
Pr Bou Salim Salah, Univ. Ghardaïa
Pr Ben Lazreg Nejib, Institut National du Pr Bouhania Bechir, Univ. Adrar
Patrimoine, Tunis

pr Djaafari Moubarak, Univ. Adrar
Pr Chatra Kheireddine, Univ. Chariqa
Dr Bahri Ahmed, Univ. Oran Dr Naïdja Ridha, Univ. Adrar
Pr. Warscheid Hargal Ismail, Univ. Dr Bou Allala Omar, Univ. Adra
Bayreuth, Allemagne
Dr Charaf Abdelhak, Univ. Tiaret Dr Bouzid Ali, Univ. Adrar
Dr Kerroumi Abdelhamid, Univ. Adrar
Dr Djedna Ali Abdelaziz, Univ. Zitouna, Tunis
Dr Amr Abdelaziz Mounir, Univ. Oum Dr Fathallah Messed, Univ. Adrar
Al-Qoura, Arabie Saoudite

Dr Bakraoui Abdallah, Univ. Adrar
Dr Tayyib Ouazzani Al-Chahdi, Univ. Meknès, Maroc
Dr Brahmi Abdelkrim, Univ. Tunis Dr Abbou Tahar, Univ. Adrar
Dr Sidi Ahmad ould elamir , Univ. Dr Boufaris Abderrahmane Nouakchott
Dr Ould An Mohammed Al-Amine, Univ. Dr Mouhammadatni Chahrazad
Haïl, Arabie Saoudite

Dr Bouhnef Abdelkarim, Univ. Adrar

Dr Aloui Mustafa, Univ. Béchar
Dr Labbassi Mohammed, Univ. Oran 01 Dr Bou Arouia Abdelmalik
Dr Baba Abdallah, Univ. Adrar Dr Grine Nadia, Univ. Adrar
Dr Ben Dahman Omar, Univ. Adrar
Dr Ben Dara Mohammed, Univ. Adrar

Dr Haj Ahmed Abdallah, Univ. Adrar

Dr dJoudi Hamza, Univ. Adrar
Dr Ben Souissi Mohammed, Univ. Adrar Dr Khalladi Ahmed, Univ. Adrar
Dr Ben Khaled Abdelkrim, Univ. Adrar
Dr Belbali Abdelkrim, Univ. Adrar
Dr Kammoun Abdessalam, Univ. Adrar Dr Belbali Ibrahim, Univ. Adrar
Dr Tibi Abdelmajid, Univ. Adrar Dr Bousaïd Ahmed, Univ. Adrar

The Organizing Committee:

Dr Bakraoui Abdallah Pr Raggadi Ahmed
Dr Belbali Ibrahim Dr Ben Khaled Abdelkrim
Dr Sbaï Mhammed Dr Belbali Abdelkrim
Dr Kammoun Abdessalam Dr Bouzid Ali
Dr Aarab Ali Dr Oum Al-Ghaïth Aïcha
Nabti Mohammed Assad Allah Qotbi Abdelkader

Registration fee:

– Researchers from the University of Adrar: 5.000 DA
– Researchers from national universities:….. 6.000 DA
– Researchers from abroad: ………………200 Euros
PhD students: ……………………………4.000 DA

Important dates:

Deadline for full papers together with the participation form: Decmber 31 th, 2019
Notification of acceptance: January 30th, 2020
Presence confirmation: befor February 02 nd , 2020


Contributions should be sent to the following address:

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