International Conference on Neonatal & Pediatric Nutrition

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International Conference on Neonatal & Pediatric Nutrition

Coalesce Research Group LLC a non-profit US based organization proudly announce the commencement of International Conference on Neonatal & Pediatric Nutrition (Pediatric Nutrition 2020) will take place on June 18-19, 2020 at Holiday Inn in London, UK.

Pediatric Nutrition Summit aims promote the latest developments in pediatric medicine, child health, nutrition, policy, and advocacy. Pediatricians & Nutrition experts from all over the world share a single roof & share exciting areas in neonatal & pediatric nutrition over the past few years.

Pediatric Nutrition designed with 20 scientific sessions from different aspects of Neonatal & Pediatric Nutrition in the form of Keynote, Plenary, Workshop sessions including oral & poster presentations. Pediatric Nutrition Conference is the best place to boost networking with top notch speakers & world class experts from all over the world.

Target Audience:

Registered nurses
Nurse practitioners
Nurse midwives
Physician Assistants
Neonatal Faculty
Neonatal Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
Neonatal nutritionists
Neonatal researchers
Neonatal specialists
Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals interested in the nutritional requirements of high risk pregnant mothers, preterm infants and pediatric patients.

Women in Pediatrics Forum:

When we were sick during our childhood, most of us were cared for by our mothers; this nurturing characteristic of women plays a vital role in pediatrics. That is not to say that some men are not nurturing. According to American Medical Association & American Academy of Pediatrics the number of women in medicine increased more than fivefold. Especially over 50 years, the field of pediatrics has tremendously changed particularly for female physicians.  From 2002 to 2017, the percent of women in general pediatrics residency programs increased from 66.4% to 70.2%

A Forum has been planned for the pediatricians during pediatric nutrition conference to pay tribute of women in Pediatrics field to inspire the young researchers & women with inspiring role models that could lead them to peruse careers in Pediatrics.We encourage all the women and men participants of Pediatrics Conferences to take part in this Forum.

Session Highlights:

Pediatrics Nutrition Conferences 2020 contains Keynote presentations, Plenary, Special session, workshop, panel discussion &
Forum: Women in Pediatrics is dedicated to health of the children. Our Pediatric Nutrition Meet anticipates more 150 world class presentations in the form of oral and poster presentations & 300+ Healthcare professionals from all over the world.

Conference Sessions:

Pediatric Nutrition
Neonatal Nutrition
Parental Nutrition
Pediatric Growth & Development
Eating disorder in Children
Childhood Obesity
Pediatric Diet
Breast Feeding
Low Birth Weight
Pediatric Disease Management
Health and Wellness
Infancy Diseases
Pediatric Food Allergy
Diagnosis Techniques
Pediatric Case Report
Malnutrition in Children
Specail Session on Pediatrics & Neonatology

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