Cell Symposium: Regulatory RNAs

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Event Date from2019-05-12 to 2019-05-14
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Location Berlin, Germany

Between the DNA blueprint and the protein machines it encodes lies a wealth of RNA molecules. These RNAs serve to increase genetic diversity, but as we have also come to appreciate, RNAs also serve a much richer function and can take on regulatory roles themselves. New methods that allow analysis at the single-cell and single-molecule levels have provided us with a greater ability to understand the significance of these functions with greater precision than before.

 Join us in Berlin in 2019 for a conference focused on the regulatory roles of RNAs. Topics will include generation of diversity through RNA-mediated processes, diversity among RNAs themselves through processes such as RNA editing, and analysis of gene expression at the single-cell level.

We hope to see you there!

Abstracts are invited for the following topics:

mRNA biogenesis and processing
RNA modifications and editing
RNA-guided gene regulation
Single-cell RNA biology
RNA localization, granules, and phase separation

Keynote Speakers

Patrick Cramer, Germany
Narry Kim, South Korea
Asifa Akhtar, Germany
Simon Alberti, Germany
Cedric Blanpain, Belgium
Wendy Gilbert, USA
Chuan He, USA
Matt Hentze, Germany
Ed Hurt, Germany
Shalev Itzkovitz, Israel
Jin Billy Li, USA
Christine Mayr, USA
Bryce Nickels, USA
Rohit Pappu, USA
Xiaohua Shen, China
Mikiko Siomi, Japan
Jernej Ule, England
Xiaowei Zhuang, USA


Markus Landthaler, Group Leader, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany
Gunter Meister, Biochemistry Center Regensburg (BZR), Laboratory for RNA Biology, University of Regensburg, Germany
Nicole Neuman, Senior Editor, Reviews, Molecular Cell
Ruth Zearfoss, Deputy Editor, Cell Reports



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