Energy and Society in Transition: 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science

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Event Date from2019-05-28 to 2019-05-31
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Location Tempe, United States

The International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science is the premier global forum for exploring the nexus of energy and society.

The 2019 conference will highlight the intersection of on-going and future changes in the energy sector and global society. Because energy is intimately woven into every society, alterations in energy systems reverberate throughout economies, cultures, landscapes, and politics. These changes transform human futures, even as social, policy, and market innovation create new pathways for energy technologies and industries. The opportunity to remake energy systems into more environmentally sustainable forms is thus also an opportunity to improve societal wellbeing and justice.

Early bird registration discount deadline: 1 April 2019

We invite abstracts that explore the intersection of energy and social change. Illustrative examples of appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:

Societal drivers, dynamics, and outcomes of energy systems change (including social, economic, cultural, or political aspects)
Public perspectives on and responses to new energy technologies
Innovations in energy and electricity markets and policy
Changing landscapes and geographies of energy production, transport, and consumption
The social practices of energy use, demand, and behavior
Historical and social analyses of transitions
Cities, urban energy systems, and urban form and function
New models of governance and democracy
Geopolitics of energy transformations
The energy-poverty nexus, including questions of ethics, justice, and inequality in energy systems change
Energy innovation and sustainable development
Enduring and changing relationships of energy, gender, and race
We welcome interdisciplinary contributions from across the social sciences, environmental studies, humanities, and energy research.