The International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change

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Event Date from2019-04-06 to 2019-04-08
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Location cairo, Egypt

The issue of climate change is the most important and pressing issue for the international community today. Given the serious implications and impact of the climate change, e.g. drying up of some rivers, the sinking of vast portions of coastal areas and the reduction of production areas in the world, the climate change is a global threat to water. This can lead to the world’s highest economic losses.

Water scarcity has become a critical challenge in various countries of the world that are suffering from a lack of water resources to meet existing demands in terms of the quantity or quality of drought, groundwater depletion and the disastrous effects on ecology of an environment that increases the acceleration of climate change.

Addressing climate change is one of the 17 sustainable Development goals of the Global plan for sustainable development, which is part of the 2030 agenda, adopted by the 193 member States of the United Nations in 2015.

During the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 SDG agreements including, ambitious targets for both water and climate change have been committed. Our common task is now to implement these goals and targets with a greater focus on the Arab region.

The International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change is therefore dedicated to addressing, discussing and delivering implementable solutions to address the current challenges of bridging the gap between government policy makers and providers of science and solutions with innovative ideas and new visions to help resolve the challenges facing us in the area of water, environment and climate change.

The conference will include representatives from the public and private sectors, research, academia, civil society and governments to discuss many topics, including scientific backgrounds, adaptation, mitigation, increased ownership, transparency in the 2030 agenda, climate goals, partnerships and security. It will also focus on the need for leaders to innovate in different but interlinked dimensions of water, climate change and environmental management. The active engagement of the public and private sector can contribute the most effectively through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and can deliver very significant improvements.


Minimize The Adverse Effects Of Climate Change.
Perspective on Water Financial Mechanisms & Modern Water Infrastructures
Understanding how Water scarcity is Threat To Social, Environmental And Economic Risks
Successful Use Cases in Maintaining the ecological integrity of rivers & Sustainable Water management
The Role of Integrated Water Management and the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Approaches in an Urbanized World
Insights on areas where Public Sector, Private Sector & NGO’s can work in association to make difference
Best Use Cases Of Waste-to-Energy, Off-grid Desalination, Point source co2 reduction technology
Benefit from global experiences and the best ways to adjust and adapt to climate changes
Emerging Environmental Technologies


Climate change and water resources
Environmental effects of ozone layer depletion
Earth science and climate change
Oceans and climate change
Water scarcity and climate change
Carbon cultivation and carbon cycle
Water conservation and hydroelectric power
Environmental toxicity and toxicity assessment
Ecology and restoration ecology
Climate change and bio-monitoring
Fossil fuels
Climate change and global warming

Health risks
Economic risks
Social risks
Environmental risks
Tourism risks
Natural Resources
Natural reserves, drought and desertification, ecosystem, coastal sinking and beach erosion
Environmental degradation
Threats to marine and atmospheric life
Lack of freshwater resources
Climate change and human rights in water

Climate change and water security
Climate change and energy security
Climate change and food security
Climate change and environmental security
Climate change, water & environmental management
Climate change and environmental and water policies and legislation
Climate change and environmental impact assessment of sustainable development projects
Climate change and environmental governance
Water diplomacy: cross-border governance, quality, scarcity and equality issues

Nanotechnology applications in environmental protection
Smart water management and new green technologies in the water sector
Development of new water resources such as (reuse of wastewater and recycling of treated waste water implementation of desalination projects)
Environmental Geology-Geographic information systems (GIS)
Environmentally friendly technology and environmental sustainability
Innovation and environmental and aquatic scientific research
Biotechnology green
Environmental and water monitoring and environmental risk assessment-renewable energy (wind energy water power-solar energy)
Investment in low-carbon alternative technology
environmental management strategies to cope with climate change
Recent strategies in integrated water resources management and sustainable use of water resources
Building sustainable green cities with low carbon emissions aimed at green growth (green architecture, green economy, green tourism, green industry, green chemistry, green information systems, environmentally friendly transport, green airline, green schools, green entrepreneurship, green environmental Marketing) -Smart agriculture-intelligent Communication network-green culture and environmental education-green media-green agent
Partnership (Governmental organizations-civil society organizations-private sector-international organizations and international donors) to cope with climate change-a forward-looking vision for development strategies that only cause small greenhouse gas emissions in the long term
Water diplomacy: cross-border governance, quality, scarcity and equality issues


Government Leaders & Policymakers
Environmental and housing
Water Utilities
NGOs environment
Economic Development Councils and environment
Consultants & contractors
Technology & solution providers Waste recycling, environmental pollutant reduction and adaptation
Consumer councils
Data Scientists & Engineers
Water engineering and technology firms
Environment and Renewable energy
Sustainability reporting / accounting organisations
Water resource management
Energy, environment and food
Water stewardship and the armonization of environmental conditions
Risk management, finance and investor relations
CSR, sustainability and global citizenship
Climate change and environment
Elected Officials
Water Planning Districts
Builders & Contractors
Business & Industry
Engineers Planners

Important dates

Submission open: 20 December 2018
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 28 February 2019
Notification of acceptance: 7 March 2019
Deadline for submission of research: 22 March2019
Conference Date: 6 – 8 April 2019

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