International Seminar on Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Area in the Context of Morocco-Africa-Europe Relations

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Event Date from2019-11-28 to 2019-11-29
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Location Agadir, Morocco

Call for Abstracts

Current trends in international migration are receiving considerable attention from world leaders, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, think tanks and the media. The debate on this global transboundary phenomenon raises urgently the question of its governance at the national and international levels, raises problems relating to the protection of human rights and refugees, the effectiveness of international labor law and the responsibility of the international community due to weakened multilateral cooperation.

In this context, the Global Charter for Migration was negotiated between 192 countries and ratified in Marrakech in December 2018. The charter presents an unprecedented approach to the governance of migration related issues. However, the success of this approach will depend on close partnerships between States, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders, in order to develop a new common vision on migration and aimed to adopt and implement jointly the new guidelines.

At the regional level in the Euro-Mediterranean region, the issue of migration is intertwined with complex geopolitical, economic and demographic considerations, with many security and humanitarian threats and challenges facing both the Mediterranean and EU countries.

Morocco is a bridge between Africa and Europe and an important link in African and Mediterranean migration routes. A decade ago, a proactive policy was launched by Morocco to manage the phenomenon of migration flows, originated particularly from sub-Saharan Africa, and destined to the European continent across the Mediterranean sea. This policy has been the subject of controversy among those who support it, appreciate its humanitarian dimensions and its sustainable nature, and other analysts who criticize its excessive openness and unestimated security implications. However, one cannot apprehend the complexities of this issue and its related risks and opportunities with respect to peace, security and development without placing the Moroccan immigration policy in the broader context of external relations with the EU and within its strategic positioning on the African continent, especially in West Africa, the Sahel and the Sahara.

The International seminar on “Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Area in the Context of Morocco-Africa-Europe Relations” seeks to understand and analyze the security, geopolitical, economic and social issues facing Morocco due to the phenomenon of migration in the Euro-Mediterranean space. The seminar also aims at highlighting the obstacles and gaps that characterize the Moroccan immigration policy, as well as the interactions stemming from the divergent approaches and agendas between the Mediterranean and European countries concerned with this phenomenon.

The seminar aims to bring together researchers, academics, political actors and civil society actors from countries around the Mediterranean sea to stimulate reflection and engage debate on the following key themes:

  • The historical and cultural dimension of the phenomenon of migration throughout the Mediterranean;
  • Specific factors for the migration crisis in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • Analysis of complementarities and “gaps” between Moroccan migration policy and migration policies in European countries and EU;
  • Analysis of Moroccan immigration policy issues in the context of Moroccan-African relations
  • Identification and analysis of migration security challenges for Morocco;
  • Identification and analysis of the social and economic dimensions of migration in Morocco;
  • Identify and analyze migration challenges in the area of ​​human rights protection in Morocco;
  • Assess the security risks of migration within Morocco;
  • Study the impact of migration on the various aspects of the strategic partnership between Morocco and the EU;
  • Analysis of the legislative framework and the prospects of immigration law;
  • Analysis of the content and challenges of the Global Charter for Migration for Morocco and for the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • Guidelines:

Each proposal should include the following:

 Surname, name (s) of author (or 2 authors max), affiliation, email address

 4-5 keywords,

 Specify the research problem and its explicit link with one of the specific axes, 3 Bibliographic references (max 500 words)

 Times New Roman, 12

  • Important dates:

February 28, 2019: Deadline for abstracts

March 30, 2019: Notification of abstracts acceptance

Full articles written in Arabic, French or English must be submitted by 30 August 2019 to the following email address:

  • The evaluation will focus on the following criteria:

 Authenticity of the approach.

 scientific standards.

 Strenght of the arguments.

 Clarity in form and content.

  • Coordinator: Pr Reda EL FELLAH
  • Steering committee:
  • Pr Reda EL FELLAH
  • Pr Bouchra Jdaini
  • Pr Lahoucine ERRAMI
  • organizer:

    Faculty of Law, Economic and Social Sciences. Agadir

    Research Team on Public Law and Governance

    Research Team on Law,  Information and Communication Technologies

    Moroccan Center for Studies and Policy Analysis

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