Fourth Legal Issues Conference ILIC 2019

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Event Date from2019-04-30 to 2019-04-30
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Location Erbil, Iraq

Ishik University has many roles in the aspect of contributing in the community. The role of providing academic scientists is not the only, moreover, Ishik University seeks and aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Law, Politics, Jurisprudence, etc.

The Conference seeks to achieve the followings:
1- Promote the Spirit of the Academic Researches;
2- Organize and support in-depth exchanges of ideas on matters of common interest to international Law researchers;
3- activating and encouraging scientific links among academics;
4- identify the best ways to strengthen the rule of law;
5- Illustrating the political situation in the Middle East and the impact on the Kurdistan Region;
6- Encourage the spirit of religious tolerance, and to reject extremism in all its forms;
7- Work on the analyzing and evaluating the existing laws, and to propose the appropriate suggestions for the subject matters.

The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
1- Legal studies;
2- Political science,
3- Jurisprudence and Islamic studies

1- Papers have to be in relevant to the Subjects of the Conference.
2- Contributions may be written in Arabic, English, or Kurdish. (Abstracts has to be in English)
3- The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another conference or symposium or other venue for consideration.
4- Authors must hold a least a Master degree.
5- Authors have to carefully apply acceptable research methodologies, as well as to observe academic values.
6- References and literature used in each page have to be clearly cited as footnotes.
7- Jurisprudential quotations must be fully punctuated and vocalized.
8- Authors have to observe that their manuscripts in compliance with linguistic rules.
9- Research papers should not exceed 25 (A4) pages,
10- Authors’ CV must be attached to the paper, including their name, title, area of specialization, employment, employer full address containing postal address, email address, and telephone numbers.
11- An abstract not exceeding 2 pages must be submitted for each paper in English.
12- Authors will be notified about receipt of their papers within one week.
13- Papers must to be word processed. Three copies of the paper must be submitted to the Editorial Board.
14- Word processing has to be on Microsoft Word and PDF.
15- Times New Roman font size (12) to be used for the paper body.
16- Footnotes on Times New Roman, size (10).
17- Main headings Times New Roman, bold (14).
18- Sub headings Times New Roman, bold (12).

Abstracts/ Submission Deadline                                         January 15, 2019
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection                                 February 1, 2019
Final Paper Submission & Deadline                                      March 1, 2019
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection                                    April   1, 2019
Conference Date                                                                       May 10, 2019

ILIC 2019 Preparatory Committee:
1- Dr. Idrees Hadi, President of Ishik University, Honorary President of the Conference.
2- Dr. Adnan Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Chief of the ILIC 2019Preparatory Committee.
3- Mr. Mustafa Rashid, Member.
4- Mr. Mustafa Bingol, Member.
ILIC 2019 Scientific Committee:
1- Dr. Huseyn Muhmmed / ISHK University – Iraq / Chief.
2- Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdl-Naim / Assiut University – Egypt / Member.
3- Dr. Abdulrahim Al-Maslouhi / UAE University / Member.
4- Dr. Khaled Gamal Ahmed Hassan / Assiut University – Egypt / Member.
5- Dr. Nasser Khalil Jalal / University of Bahrain – Bahrain / Member.
6- Dr. Mohamed Omar Mouloud / ISHK University – Iraq / Member.
7- Dr. Fadhel Saleh Al Zahawi / University of Bahrain – Bahrain / Member.
8- Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Sadat / University of Sharjah – United Arab Emirates / Member.
9- Dr. Marwan Mohammed Mahrous / University of Bahrain – Bahrain / Member.
10- Dr. Abdulbaset Karim Mouloud / ISHK University – Iraq / Member.
11- Dr. Kamal Mohamed Amin / Ibn Khaldoun University – Algeria / member.
12- Dr. Imad Fattah Ismail / ISHK University – Iraq / Member.
13- Dr. Mohamed Ali / University of Adrar – Algeria / member.

All abstracts, full papers, inquiries, etc to be send to :

 Email :

Mobile :  +964(0)7504731854

Reservations are closed for this event


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