XVII th International conference Translation Strategies: Translatology and cognitive approaches

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I-  Call for papers:

When we address translation, we refer to cognition, thoughts, memory, mental representations, schemas of thought, language, attention, motivation, perception, intellectual abilities…

We know that translation is both a cognitive and a linguistic process and that linguistic competence is an indispensable but not sufficient element to ensure the quality of translations. As a result, a reflection on the mental processes of meaning-making is fundamental to best accomplish the translational task.

Thus, the theme of this conference wants to question the contribution that the cognitive approach can give to research in translation. It is inspired by the following theses:

§ Current applications of the Think-Aloud Protocol (TAP), as well as other strategies of mental representation, in the development of translators’ skills.

§ Exploit metacognitive processes as resources for the development of translator competence.

§ Cognize and invest the cognitive operations involved in the transition from reformulation to translation.
§ Exploit cognitive linguistics theories in translation teaching and learning.
§ Theories of conceptual metaphor and metonymy as supports for the analysis of translation.
§ To explore and focus on theories such as Conceptual Blending, to compare source texts and target texts.

§ Construct critical models of translation based on cognitive approaches.

II- Topics:

1- Metacognitive processes in the development of the competence of the translator.

2- Investment of cognitive operations in the transition from reformulation to translation.
3- Theories of cognitive linguistics in the teaching and learning of translation.

4- Development of translation criticism models based on cognitive approaches.

5- Cognitive approach of the translation in the languages of specialty.

6- Contribution of cognitive psychology to the didactics of translation.

7- Operation of working memory in translation.

8- Decision theory in translation.

Communication languages

Arabic – French – English – Spanish

Participation form

Important dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15/12/2018

Notification of acceptance: 16/12/2018

Deadline for full paper submission: 31/03/2018

Participation fees

Algerian Teachers 5000 DA
Doctorate Students 3000 DA

Foreign Participants150 € or 175 $

(Fees include coffee breaks, two lunches, a briefcase and publication of conference proceedings)

 Organizing committee:

– SEGHOUR Ahlem – Chairwoman –

– MEKHZOUMI Azzeddine  –  ALEM Leila


– GHADI Bouchra – BOURI  Zineddine

– EMIMOUNE Ibrahim – BELALEM Mohamed


– BOUHASSOUN Azzeddine – ZITOUNI Mimouna

– SAAID Younes

Scientific committee:
– KHELIL Nasreddine  – Chairman –

– BENHELLI Abdallah – ALABOUDI Kadhem

– EL KORSO Kamel – BENMALEK Rachid

– KOHIL Saida – TIDJINI Hallouma


– MAMERI Ferhat (United Arab Emirates)


– BANNOUR Abderrazak (Tunisia)

– DAKIR Abdelnabi (Morocco)

– FAWAZ Abdelhaq (Jordan)

– LUCAS Marie (Spain)

. DURIEUX  Christine (France)

Conference contact
– Prof. SEGHOUR Ahlem
– Prof. KHELIL Nasreddine

Translation Didactic Laboratory
and multilingualism
University of Oran1 Ahmed BEN BELLA
Tel / Fax: 00 213 41 51 91 25

Institute of Translation – Laboratory: «Didactics of Translation and Multilingualism »

C. Bouamrane Amphitheater: Oran University1


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