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Oman is identified as a regional hub of high quality research and innovation, an achievement that is largely underpinned by its highly skilled research management and administration specialists. These not only help to ensure that excellent standards of research are achieved, but that research is aligned with the needs of the government and industry and contributes to the socio-economic development of Oman and the region.

Sultan Qaboos University has a strong and highly skilled research management and administration structure/function. With a strong record of accomplishment of proven expertise in these areas, Sultan Qaboos University is well placed to host a conference on international best practices in research management and administration. The conference will provide a forum for research management and administration professionals, researchers and educators from across the world to share best practices in research management and administration, to discuss issues and challenges currently facing research management and to identify collaborative venues for addressing relevant issues
Share the best practices in research management and administration.
Identify challenges and issues facing research management and administration.
Provide a forum for an informed discussion of issues related to research culture, norms and values.
Explore international approaches to quantify and monitor quality and impact of research.

Important Dates

Theme 1: Quality and Efficiency of Research Management
• Centralized vs. decentralized research project and program management, and how research management/administration specialists can support each model.
• Managing research program and project budgets (the risks and pitfalls).
• Responsible research (legal aspects, research ethics, compliance, etc.).

Theme 2: Competitiveness and research Funding
• Identifying and processing external research funds.
• Supporting researchers in the competitive tendering process.
• Facilitating multi-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations.

Theme 3: Research Capacity Building
• Professional Development.
• Defining generic research competencies.

Theme 4: Research Impact and Effectiveness
• Developing a research vision and strategy for the organization.
• Measurement and evaluation of research quality and impact.
• Effective dissemination of research for maximum impact.
• Linking Researcher within industry for tangibles, “real world” benefits.

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